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We serve you

traditional and innovative

japanese food.

Authentic values

Warai offers authenthic Japanese cusine, free from the reductive role of fashon phenomenon. Warai is different from the stereotyped Japanese restautrants, giving to customers the chance to taste the real Japanese cuisine, with the charm of most traditional flavours and the latest gastronomic trends.

Seasonal ingredients

The use of seasonal ingredients is a key feature of Warai’s cuisine: each dish faithfully reflects the nature cycles. The cooking processes are limited to the minimum. In this way, the aromas and beneficial qualities of each ingredient are respected.

Much more than sushi

Warai offers not only the famous sushi, but also many other original creations, including side dishes, snacks and drinks. In addition with its products, Warai Sushi makes available genuine and original Japanese ingredients to all cooking enthusiasts, for creating tasty and irresistible recipes at home!